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We have the +

We offer high brix frozen fruits with a long shelf life mantaining all its fresh properties when defrosted. International orientation, a fast and complent service.

Quality assurance

The highest possible product quality from our controlled cultivation is our top priority.


More uses, less waste!

The IQF+ frozen products can be used just as regular frozen products such as preparing smoothies, ice creams and toppings without losing flavor. However, they can also be used as fresh products in salads, fruit snacks, buffets and more.

A simple solution

The IQF+ allows product to be frozen, stored for along periods of time and, when defrosted, maintain the same texture, odors and flavors as when they were fresh. Simple as harvest, freeze, store and use.

  • Easy logistics.
  • Defrost only what is going to be used.
  • Long shelf life.
  • Fresh quality whenever and wherever.

Plant Capacity



  • Frozen storage space
  • Refrigerated space for processing
  • Storage space for packing material
  • Energy efficient technologies
  • Solar energy
  • Eco friendly refrigerants
Our main objective is to produce and export frozen pineapple and other exotic fruits of excellent quality.
Our team in Costa Rica meticulously controls the quality of our products, a matter of crucial importance to us
The fact that we are at the same location the fruits come from, enables us to offer a high quality product and availability

Our products

Enjoy the best selection of fruits fresh from the farm.

Frozen Fruit


Gourmet Corner

The best from our farms 100% fruit, nothing else Fresh in its essence Selected to enjoy

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Our processing plant uses 100% green clean energy.


We have 200 hectares of protected forest with FUNDECOR in Costa Rica.


Founded in 1991 FUNDECOR is an enviromental NGO that seeks to be the primary promoter of integrated Landscape Management in Costa Rica.


FUNDECOR connects scientific research, local engagement, technical solutions and policy to help create enabling conditions that allow forst protection and regenaration to become recognizable assts.